YATTAA!! Illusion & Hyper Performance Show



Witness the revolutionary performances that have captivated audiences around the world in Shinjuku!! These barrier breaking acts will be performed by only the best!!

Featuring:Illusionist:Princess Tenko!!

The world renowned silent comedy duo:Garmajobat!!

A collective of premier athletes from the X Games:CHIMERA GAMES!!

The next generation performance unit:BADxTEN!!

The world’s greatest performers gather here in Shinjuku!!


  • Princess Tenko

    Princess Tenko


    World renowned Illusionist Princess Tenko was the first woman to receive the prestigious Magician of the Year in 1990. She has performed in distinguished venues in Las Vegas and NY and other cities in the United States, Europe, Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world. She continues to be a popular sought after illusionist that pushes boundaries with every act.

  • Garmarjobat


    Silent Comedy

    Ketchi (Red Mohawk) and Hiro-pon (Yellow Mohawk) created the silent comedy group Garmarjobat in 1999. Their world renowned performances transcend language and culture making them a popular act to book. They have performed at various festivals in over 30 different countries with 200+ performances under their belt. Their charming story driven acts continue to mesmerize attendees around the world.

  • Tamaru Naoto

    Tamaru Naoto

    BMX Flatland

    From 2013 to 2015, Naoto performed over 2000 shows at the world renowned Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. He placed sixth place at Voodoo Jam, a world-class tournament in the US, in 2014 and placed tenth in 2015.

  • Yokota Yosuke

    Yokota Yosuke

    Free Style Football

    Yosuke became the #1 freestyle footballer in Japan at the prestigious Red Bull Street-style tournament in 2008. After winning second place at the world tournament, he is now drawing attention from all around the world. He continues to evolve as a performer and is currently active both domestically and internationally.

  • J-TRAP.


    Double Dutch

    Established in 1993, J-TRAP is the first professional dance and double-dutch team in Japan. Their accomplishments include being the first Japanese team that performed at an NBA half time show, countless appearances in events and television shows abroad, and winning the world double-dutch tournament in NY in December of 1997.

  • BAD x TEN


    BADxTEN is a collective of talented individuals aiming to showcase their revolutionary act on the world stage. Boasting talents that have performed on the popular “Got Talent” series, members include risky explosive body comedian Mayzil, dynamic lower body performer Osushi-kun, eccentric nail screw nose penetration performer Bison, super otaku nunchaku performer 10mmy (Tommy), evolutionary tablecloth performer CHERRY More, and their mysterious DJ, DJ Boo.